im·pact in·vest·ments

NOUN: Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Vision and Mission

LSE Impact Investing Society (IIS) is LSE’s premier impact investing and development finance society that strives to equip students with the education, skills and career knowledge relating to the industries. In doing so, IIS strives to enable and inspire future financial leaders of society to recognize their personal capacity to utilize finance and their careers to create positive, measurable social and environmental impact while generating financial returns. 

1. Awareness: To be the leading student society focused on the enhancement of awareness regarding the application of finance and investing beyond conventional corporate applications to generating positive, measurable social and environmental impact while generating returns. 

2. Education and Skills Development: To be an engaging platform to expand members’ critical understanding of impact investing and development finance, and to equip them with foundational skills utilized in the sector. 

3. Careers: To serve as a bridge for students and Impact Investing and Development Finance industry professionals to interact and enhance understanding on pursuing successful and meaningful careers in the sector. 

What members can expect

Education: Gain critical understanding of the application of finance and investing to generate meaningful, positive social and environmental impact. 

Skills Development: Equip yourself with fundamental skills utilised in the impact investing and development finance industries.

Professional Exposure: Learn from and network with leading impact investing professionals to explore career options in impact investing and development finance.

Our Team

Dhiraj Narula


Alex Kneafsey


Charlotte Yan


Luke Ho


Khushi Arora

Head of Marketing

Jacob Cai


Dominick Wee

Head of Corporate Affairs

Ollie Yu

Head of Events

Anya Shah

Head of Research

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